Dave Atwal and Nick did our house extension that started off as a small project but landed up being a full fledged extension – Cabana and a bathroom remodel with a steam sauna. We were very concerned with the issues around construction while simultaneously living in the house. Dave was extremely diligent and meticulous in making sure there is minimal disruption to our lives while delivering the project on time.

Having built the house that we live in, we knew the issues around contractor’s flexibility with changes. It was so easy to work with Dave on changes. He did not push back on some big changes we inserted into project late in the cycle and in fact still managed to keep the schedule and costs in check. This in my mind is commendable and source of lot of anxiety otherwise for remodeling and construction. Overall, highly recommend Dave, Nick and Greenview Builders. We are enjoying our extensions now and are watching on how the post construction support is done by the team. Given their track record, we are confident we are going to get continued support. Good luck Dave and team.