8 Must-have Features to Consider for Your Custom Home

Building your custom home is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity making it worth investing in features that improve your quality of life and meet your unique preferences. However, when it comes to designing your custom home, there are endless possibilities to customize your space. 

With so much to decide when building a home, we’ve put together a list of features that are a must-have.

Let us dive deeper to know about these must-have features that you should consider when building a custom home. 

1. Smart Lighting  

Smart lighting is a must-have feature you should include in your custom home. Beyond elevating the aesthetic appeal, smart lighting is a more holistic approach to modern living that improves well-being and comfort. At the same time, smart lighting systems can reduce energy consumption by adjusting brightness based on natural light levels.

Moreover, strategic implementation can transform your living space and provide an unparalleled sense of sophistication. You can choose from a wide range of smart light options with different features. 

When you choose a custom home builder in Atherton, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Open and transparent communication with your builders ensures the success of your custom home project. At Greenview Builders, we offer a range of services that transform your dreams and ideas into a stunning reality.

2. Outdoor Fireplace

Outdoor fireplaces turn your backyard into the perfect spot for relaxation and entertainment. Due to cluttered living rooms, finding a good area to bond as a family can be difficult. 

Having an outdoor fireplace allows you to spend quality time with your family. It is also an ideal space to gather around during the cold season when the temperatures dip. Furthermore, outdoor fireplaces increase the value of a residential property with unique aesthetic features.

3. Higher Ceilings

High ceilings are becoming an increasingly popular choice for homeowners. It is quite an addition that makes your living space appear luxurious. While higher ceilings are common in kitchens or living rooms, nowadays people also like them in bedrooms. Higher ceilings also give the illusion of more space and attract buyers. Additionally, rooms with high ceilings have more space for windows to bring in natural light.

 4. Mudroom

The mudroom is a space to keep shoes, coats, and other items out of your living space. It is an important space that will help keep your home organized and efficient. It is one of the easiest additions that make a huge difference to your home. The convenience of a mudroom makes it a highly sought-after feature that helps increase the value of your home. There are numerous benefits that make mudrooms a great addition to your home. The best thing about mudrooms is how versatile the space can be to serve different uses. 

5. Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchen additions are becoming more popular in demand as they offer a lot of benefits. It allows homeowners to embrace the pleasure of outdoor living. It is a perfect space to socialize and entertain people. Cooking outside also allows you to keep the unpleasant smell outside that can sometimes linger for days. 

At the same time, an outdoor kitchen makes your home more marketable. However, it is important to be careful with the planning and start by evaluating the space. You also need to choose a good custom home builder in Hillsborough who will be able to help you bring your vision to life.

6. Covered Patio

The demand for a functional outdoor living space continues to grow among homeowners and buyers. A covered patio is a great way to make sure that unforeseen weather never interrupts your family time. Installing a patio cover not only makes your patio usable all year round but also helps protect your furniture from water damage. At the same time, a patio cover adds to the value of your home. Additionally, a covered patio can help lower energy bills by keeping your home cooler.

7. Double Kitchen Islands  

The double island approach is a popular trend that brings a range of benefits. It can be a great option to maximize the counter space. It gives you a lot of space for cooking and baking. The extra storage space provided could be useful for storing dishes or cookware. It also allows you to cook with your family without feeling cramped. You can also use the extra island for display and decorations. 

8. Heated Floors

Radiant heated floors can be a useful addition if you live in a cooler climate. It is also an efficient choice as radiant heating eliminates duct losses. 

You can choose from electric or water-based systems to heat the room. And pick specific areas of your home to install the electric heating coils under the floor. The coils are covered with tiles that help the floor store heat and keep the house warm.

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